5 Places to Hunt for New Orleans Fine Art


Collectors of New Orleans fine art sometimes don’t think outside the box when looking for artwork either about New Orleans or by New Orleans artists. But there are a number of ways to find wonderful things to add to your collection. Here are five of them. We’re biased, but of course we hope you will peruse the wonderful inventory at New Orleans Art Exchange first!

1. Visit the city’s galleries (obvious). Yes, this is the one everyone thinks of. There are three major areas to visit in order to look for fine art. Chartres and Royal Street in the French Quarter are full of galleries. Some of them lean towards “touristy” art, but many stock quite fine works, by both contemporary and classic New Orleans artists. Naturally this is the most enjoyable way to shop for art, but you can’t always afford the luxury of strolling through the French Quarter, particularly if you live out of town. And, you’re limited to the art that happens to be up at any give time.

2. Follow the auctions. There are three auction houses in New Orleans that, while they do sell worldwide art and object, have a preponderance of local art. These are New Orleans Auction Galleries, Neal Auction and Crescent City Auction. Do remember that a premium of 20% to 25% will be added to your buying price.

3. Sign up for online services such as MutualArt. These services will send you alerts when works by artists you like come up for auction or sale. They do cost money, however, but it’s modest.

4. Check out eBay. Yes, good art does come up on eBay. But you have to be wary on eBay, as I have seen plenty of forgeries, bad conditions that were not described well, etc. Make sure there’s a solid return policy (you’ll still get stuck for the shipping cost).

5. Visit estate sales. I put this last because I find them to be usually a waste of time, and a competitive grind. There are just too many people out there who have watched cable shows about amazing, valuable finds who think they are going to score a big one. To me it’s not worth it, but to each their own!

Don’t forget that New Orleans Art Exchange has a constantly-changing assortment of great New Orleans art at fair prices, so check in with us from time to time to see what’s new in our inventory!



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