6 Creative Ways to Display Art in Your Home

Ways to Display Art in Your Home

Ways to Display Art in your Home

Whether you have a large space to work with or live in a small apartment, displaying art is a great way to beautify your space, and add rich personality. Need tips for how to display art in your home? Here are some tips to get you started.

Don’t Forget Transitional Spaces

Transitional spaces like hallways and office nooks can easily be forgotten when displaying art and décor. However, these unexpected places will be better integrated into the rooms around them when they, too, have beautiful art and character.

Incorporate Interactive Art

There are many ways to bring your art to live and allow family members and visitors to interact with it. For example, you can turn your childhood storybooks into vintage wall art or use plants and textured baskets for sensory appeal. Framed mirrors are also a great option.

Stack Your Art

When working with smaller spaces, it can be challenging to incorporate art without the space looking cluttered. Instead of going wide, go tall. For example, pile a stack of large books or vintage suitcases and on top, prop up your art. Or, transform a cluttered bedside table into an intentional art space by setting up a single lamp and a stack of your favourite albums or nighttime readings.

Frame your Furniture

Another stunning way to fill empty wall space in your home is to group small pieces of art together and surround or frame your furniture. If you have a large bookshelf against the wall, put same-sized art frames on the sides and above it to give pattern and shape to a less-interesting furniture piece.

Lean Your Art

An effortless way to incorporate large art frames into your décor is to lean them against the wall! Spruce up an entryway table by setting up two large, framed paintings or portraits underneath. Be intentional and choose frame colours that complement the table or the décor on top of it.

Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme makes it easier for you to decorate and have a creative yet uniform space. It also helps create a mood that is felt as soon as you walk in. For example, choose artwork of butterflies or winged creatures. Add framed monochrome drawings and historic artwork on a deep backdrop to create an elegant and moody office.

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