Antique Art New Orleans Style

antique-art-new-orleansMany people are looking for the antique art New Orleans offers. New Orleans has been a hub of music, food, and culture for hundreds of years. The city has always inspired painters to transfer its vibrant life to canvas. So for antique lovers, New Orleans art includes a plethora of antiques as exceptional as the city itself.
But you have to know where to look in order to discover the perfect piece of antique art. Here are some tips about where to look and what to look out for.

Antique Art of New Orleans

New Orleans’ antiques include richly colored and expressive landscapes of Louisiana’s cyprus swamps, marshes and lonely abandoned cabins. For example, Alexander Drysdale painted hazy swamps and bayous using his characteristic oil wash technique.

If you’re looking for something more affordable, intricate engraved prints are a popular style of antique art. Many people collect prints – they can be picked up cheaply, but they took some talented artist painstaking hours. They encapsulate the details of a long-past New Orleans.

Where to Find Antique Art New Orleans Style

There’s an art gallery on every corner of New Orleans’ French Quarter. But New Orleans is no longer the city sinking into the marshes that it was when some of these paintings were created. Now there are tourists, and tourists generally lack discriminating taste. They want something that screams “New Orleans” at one glance. You’d likely prefer a piece that breathes the true New Orleans in every stroke of paint, and has value beyond being splattered with fleurs-de-lis. Finding such a piece takes hunting with a good eye. Even then, you might not like the price of your little piece of New Orleans. Art galleries have heavy overhead expenses. Where are they to get that money for the rent and light bill and insurance if not from their valued customers?

Shopping for Antiques Online

The art market, like just about every market, is moving online. A Google search pulls up dozens of websites brimming with the precise kind of art you want. The internet is the best place to find antique New Orleans art – as long as you choose a dealer who isn’t a scammer, and who’s been in the business long enough not to get pulled in by fakes themselves. (One of the easiest kinds of art to fake is the exact kind many art buyers look for – a painting by a long-dead artist, well-known enough to be valuable but not so famous that the forgery is glaring.)

A great source is With years of experience we hunt for the brightest diamonds in the most overlooked roughs, and our online gallery transcends the physical realm of brick and mortar and light bills. Therefore, we can sell you an outstanding painting at a modest price. For example, here’s “Lagoon With Oaks,” a dreamy, impressionist swamp landscape by Alexander Drysdale himself – tasteful and quintessentially New Orleans.

We’re so confident our art represents the best of New Orleans that we also add a 125% guarantee for stress-free returns.

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