Art of Louisiana – How to Find the Finest


A fine example of the art of Louisiana by Murrell Butler, at New Orleans Art Exchange

The art of Louisiana is as rich with cultural heritage as the state itself. Louisiana history is the story of the French, Cajuns and African-Americans who settled and shaped the state. It’s a story set against the haunting background of cyprus swamps and vast plantations. Hundreds of Louisiana artists have captured this heritage in paint.

However, much of the art you’ll find in galleries or with a cursory Google search is cheap and touristy. Where and how do you look for a painting that expresses the genuine spirit of Louisiana?

Famous Louisiana Artists

Examples of talented Louisiana artists include Robert Rucker, famous for his shimmering Impressionist scenes of the rivers, street corners and houses of 20th-century New Orleans.

Louisiana was also home to artist Robert Gordy, who composed abstract scenes and figures with smooth, bold patterns and glowing colors.

And moving further into abstraction, who can forget Ida Kohlmeyer’s grids of flat, brightly colored symbols, inspired by both her New Orleans upbringing and the art of South America?

As you can see from this brief sampling, the art of Louisiana spans hundreds of years and every style of art, from the hyper-realistic to the spare and abstract. But all are united by the multicultural heritage and the lush scenery of their state.

Where to Find the Best Art of Louisiana

With all of these choices, where should you look for the perfect Louisiana painting? The first choice of many is a gallery. You may stroll into one of the little buildings tucked into New Orleans’ art-filled French Quarter. However, much of the art displayed there is shiny bait for tourists. You’ll have search for quality, and once you find it you may not like the price. Maintaining a gallery is expensive, and the overhead expenses get transferred to the price tag below that stunning watercolor or expressive sketch.

You’ll find greater variety and much lower prices online. Browsing the internet is the best way to buy Louisiana art – as long as you watch out for the forgers and hucksters that haunt online auction houses as thickly as alligators in a swamp.

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