Buying New Orleans Art Online

You might think it’s hard to find truly great New Orleans art online – not the tourist junk, but the real stuff. Even in times when there is no coronavirus around, it can be hard to buy the art of a city you love without actually going there. Millions of folks visit New Orleans each year, but most of the art tends to be on the walls of galleries (or on stands in Jackson Square).  What if you love the city and would like some New Orleans art on your wall to keep you reminded of this magical place, but can’t get on a plane?

Where to buy New Orleans art online

Well, you CAN buy New Orleans art online if you look a bit. Many of the city’s fine galleries make their art available on websites. You will find that some of the more tony and expensive galleries, for example those on Julia Row, feature contemporary artists that are not New Orleans artists. They tend to cater to wealthy clients visiting from outside New Orleans in addition to an elite group in the city. Only a select few of the downtown and French Quarter galleries carry art that is both by New Orleanians and has New Orleans as its subject matter.

The classics

One proviso is that it is quite difficult to find CLASSIC New Orleans art online – artists such as Dureau, Gordy, Kohlmeyer and other deceased, well-listed artists. That is because almost all galleries work on consignment with living artists, so they do not have to actually buy the art they are selling. New Orleans Art Exchange is different in this way; we have a large inventory of fine art by the great names in New Orleans art history.


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