Finding the Perfect Piece of New Orleans Wall Art


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If you’re looking for New Orleans wall art, your first step is to specify what you want. The New Orleans art market teems with every shape, style and period of painting and print and poster. All brim with the jubilant atmosphere of the city. Based on what kind of slot you’re looking to fill on your wall, here are two broad categories of New Orleans art, plus recommendations on where to find each.

Casual New Orleans Wall Art

If you want a lighthearted and accessible piece of art, or you don’t want to spend much, consider looking for a poster or print. Many people collect and frame limited-edition posters commemorating the annual Jazz Fest. These are painted in a spectrum of styles and featuring quintessential New Orleans musicians and scenes. And the designs of Mardi Gras floats from decades past have been preserved in intricate drawings that are now displayed on the walls of many New Orleans enthusiasts. You can also find beautiful maps of the city, as well as lithographs and prints.

These kinds of pieces burst with New Orleans flair. And, they rise above the level of souvenirs painted on the spot by French Quarter street artists without rising exorbitantly in price.

Folk Art

Louisiana is famed for its folk art. Perhaps you’re looking for a quirky painting or something in between a print and a formal oil canvas. In that case, watch out for the striking colors and expressive simplicity of works by artists such as the renowned Clementine Hunter.

Oil Paintings

If you’re searching for fine art, New Orleans artists also excel in formal genres from hyper-realism to abstraction. If you’re looking for a city scene or especially a landscape, your best source will be New Orleans’ long line of antique artists. As might be expected, modern artists tend to paint in a contemporary abstract style. So if you instead prefer pure form and color, or if you want a tribute to New Orleans subtler than jazz parades or fleurs-de-lis, you might look at the work of Ida Kohlmeyer or the New Orleans painters that followed her.

Where to Find New Orleans Wall Art

After you’ve narrowed down the ideal variety of art for your wall space, you need to find the perfect painting to fill it. Rather than scouring brick-and-mortar galleries, consider staying in the comfort (and the freedom from a certain virus) of home. Check out one of the dozens of online galleries that now display their inventory for you to scroll through in seconds. Online galleries can offer more paintings — no limits on gallery size — and for a lower cost — no overhead expenses to transfer to price tags. Within an hour or two of searching, you’re likely to find something that satisfies you, whether it’s a vibrant piece of folk art or a print such as this intricate 1880s levee scene.

This piece, and all shades of New Orleans art from Mardi Gras paraphernalia to foggy bayou scenes, can be found at We bring you beautiful and authentic New Orleans art for any budget. And, if you don’t love your glimpse of the Crescent City, we’ll be happy to take it back under our 125% returns guarantee.

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