Local Art New Orleans Style


If you’re looking for local art New Orleans style, you’re in luck. Because today, websites such as NewOrleansArtExchange.com cater to those who love New Orleans and her art.

Most American cities look pretty much the same. But New Orleans is one of those rare places that generates its own kind of art. It’s some combination of the music, food, architecture, and the interesting mix of races and cultures. And of course, New Orleans was in the past ruled by both the French and the Spanish, where most American cities have been American from day one.

The art scene in New Orleans, on the street at least, is not particularly vibrant as this is being written, with COVID going on. The galleries are closed or mostly empty, and that’s said for the artists and the dealers. But the painters continue to paint, and collectors are looking online for great things to add to their collections.

Local art New Orleans style in the CLASSIC sense

The sale of art by classic (in other words “dead”) painters continues apace. There are a few galleries in the French Quarter that have a bit of this art, but you do not see much of it. It’s necessary to go online to see work by artists such as Colette Pope Heldner and her husband Knute, Ida Kohlmeyer, George Dureau, Robert Rucker, Robert Gordy and other stalwarts of New Orleans art.

What makes the New Orleans art style?

It would be hard to pin down TECHNIQUES of painting associated with New Orleans – as you can do with some parts of the Southwest, the Bay Area and New York. It’s more the subject matter that defines New Orleans art.

Not surprisingly, a lot of artists focus on jazz players and other music. And many also are captured by the local architecture, with its patina of age and character. Locals collect this art as a sort of celebration of the city they love living in. But just as much art “about” New Orleans is collected by folks who live in other cities (or even countries) who are enamored with the city and want art that reminds them of the good feelings they experience when in the Big Easy.

Contemporary New Orleans artists often can’t be distinguished from those from other cities in that they are doing abstract work. So it is mostly the classic artists who concentrate on visual scenes in and around the city. There are still artists who do paint the city, but many of them produce work for tourists that isn’t of the highest caliber. This isn’t true for all, again, because there are some VERY talented representational artists who continue to focus on scenes around the city.

You can find work by both contemporary and classic artists online at New Orleans Art Exchange. For the classic stuff, we’re about the only source around that has more than work by a few classic artists or odd pieces here and there. We offer a 125% money back guarantee and cheerfully take things back if you don’t love them. Check us out!



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