Louisiana Art Galleries are Unique Among American Art Galleries

Louisiana art galleries are unique. True, art galleries around the United States often feature local character. But Louisiana is probably more distinctive than any other area of the country in its arts, simply because Louisiana and New Orleans are. And you can see this clearly on display in the galleries.

Louisiana Art Galleries: Art and the Acadians

The story of the Acadians (Cajuns), for example, is hard to match anywhere else. These hardy French left Novia Scotia in the midst of a war against the English, sailing all the way around the coast of Florida and up into the Gulf of Mexico. They finally settled in the forbidding swamps of Louisiana. Here, they could practice familiar arts of fishing and trapping – albeit, at a temperature much higher than they were accustomed to!

The most famous artist of Acadian heritage is George Rodrigue, most famous for his “Blue Dog” paintings. Although the Blue Dog itself has become iconic, his scenes of Cajun life are beautiful and haunting. These paintings can now fetch upwards of $50,000.

Other parts of Louisiana have inspired their own artistic traditions. Largely agricultural, these areas feature painters talented in producing the farm landscapes you will frequently see in Louisiana art galleries.

The Delta and New Orleans

The coast of Louisiana, the delta, has produced hundreds of painters who capture the lives of shrimpers and fishermen, along with the gorgeous skies and scenery of the wetland. The swamps have been painted by a great number of artists, among them (famously) Knut and Colette Heldner (European Art Underground carries their work).

And then, of course, there is New Orleans. We can hardly begin to estimate the influence of this magical city on its artists. Naturally many New Orleans artists have painted the city itself – its architecture and scenery. But other paint jazz players, voodoo scenes, Mardi Gras parties and other fixtures of the New Orleans scene.

Louisiana Art Galleries

An example of the art carried by Louisiana art galleries

And today, an influx of young painters is filling out the scene for contemporary art, much of it abstract or conceptual.

But you don’t have to visit Louisiana to enjoy its art! Check in with New Orleans Art Exchange from time to time to see our offering of great New Orleans art!

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