Purchasing New Orleans Art for Sale Online

new_orleans_art_for_sale_onlineBuying New Orleans art for sale online might seem like missing the point. New Orleans art shopping is about strolling through the French Quarter, in and out of its art galleries, and getting the full experience. However, ‘the full experience’ also includes shelling out hundreds of dollars over the true value of your souvenir. And these days, you might soak up a certain virus along with the aromas of Cajun cuisine.

Even after the shadow of the coronavirus has passed, the internet will remain the best place to find New Orleans art. Let me explain why, and how you can get the most out of a New Orleans art excursion from the comfort of your own home.

Price of New Orleans Art for Sale Online

An art-selling website transcends not only brick and mortar but the exorbitant power bills, rent and property taxes that burden New Orleans galleries and their customers. (They’ll be buying a slice of those overhead expenses as well as their little piece of New Orleans.)

That said, if you’re new to the art world, be careful not to fall into the other ditch and resort to the cheapest possible paintings. For example, avoid those listed by unofficial dealers on a site like Ebay. It takes a good deal of experience to distinguish undervalued art of quality from paintings that are simply valueless.

Weed Out the Touristy Spots

A discerning collector, or anyone who wants a real piece of New Orleans art, won’t be interested in the trinkets displayed on the fence around Jackson Square. Thankfully, in addition to New Orleans’ sizable population of kitschy artists, the city has been home to hundreds of fine ones. But unfortunately, a cursory Google or Ebay search will likely turn up the same cheap froth as a ramble along the downtown sidewalks. If you want a true taste of New Orleans art — a tradition as rich and varied as the culture of the city itself — browse a gallery for serious art buyers, run by a proprietor who knows New Orleans and its paintings.

One such gallery is neworleansartexchange.com. We carry paintings by New Orleanians such as Ida Kohlmeyer and Robert Rucker, artists in their own right. And in case you’re unhappy with your purchase, you’re covered with our 125% returns guarantee.

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