Robert Gordy Paintings: Where They’re for Sale, and About this Famous New Orleans Artist

Robert Gordy paintings: Information and Where to Find

Robert Gordy was a New Orleans artist born in 1933. He had a unique painting style which primarily utilized patterns and abstraction. Here you see an example of one of his works, “Women with Palms,” which can be found here. You can recognize his work at a glance, with its heavy graphic stylized forms and bold colors . Robert Gordy was part of a movement called “Pattern and Decoration”, in a group with Keith Haring and others. His art has appeared in many exhibitions since his death in 1986, including the super-prestigious Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Art at the Whitney Museum in New York. Naturally his work has also appeared regularly at the New Orleans Museum of Art and Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

Where can I find Robert Gordy paintings?

Looking for Robert Gordy paintings? When you’re looking for paintings by a specific artist, there are several directions you can take. The first is to search online using eBay. While eBay can be useful, you don’t know who is selling the art, so transactions can be a bit tricky. Another option is to visit brick and mortar galleries, but it is very hard to find older art in galleries, and the prices are usually high. One of the best options is to search on a website devoted specifically to New Orleans art, with a good guarantee and established expertise. These websites tend to be less expensive than physical galleries.

An example of one such website is our website New Orleans Art Exchange, where you can find paintings by Robert Gordy and other great New Orleans artists. Our prices are far more competitive than physical galleries with their high overhead. And we offer a unique 125% return policy to give you confidence when you buy New Orleans art from us.

For more information about Robert Gordy’s life and art, please click here


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