Where to Find Art Galleries in New Orleans

 Art Galleries in the French Quarter


If you’re wondering where to find art galleries in New Orleans, one of the best places to go is the historic French Quarter. You can find art galleries scattered throughout the entire Quarter. However, if you want to find a wide variety of art galleries concentrated in one place, one of the best streets to walk down is Royal Street. Royal Street is essentially a market for pedestrians, lined with a wide variety of shops, including high-quality art galleries. A walking tour of Royal Street showing the best galleries to visit can be found here.

Galleries Outside the French Quarter

If you’re looking for art outside of the French Quarter, there are plenty of options for you to consider. One option is to look for specific galleries in uptown New Orleans, of which there are quite a few. One example is the Carol Robinson Gallery on Napoleon Avenue. There is also a stretch along Magazine Street between Louisiana and Napoleon Avenues where you’ll find a number of galleries. And the walk is interesting and pleasant, with many shops and points of refreshment.

But let’s say you’re looking to find great New Orleans art in New Orleans or elsewhere with minimum hassle and maximum selection. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be difficult to get out and physically go visit art galleries. Some galleries may be closed, even after the pandemic ends. If this is a problem for you, one option that I would suggest is online art galleries.

The Benefits of Online New Orleans Art Galleries

There are many benefits to getting your art from an online art gallery rather than a physical gallery. For one, online sellers can sell for a considerably cheaper price. Also, you can browse and buy great New Orleans art right from the safety and comfort of your own home. And finally, the selection is much greater, as a brick-and-mortar gallery can only display so much on its walls at any given time.

Most of the good New Orleans galleries now post their inventory online. This includes the fine galleries along Julia Row, which show mostly high-end contemporary New Orleans art. The Royal Street galleries show their antique paintings online. 

If you’re considering buying art online, I recommend you also check out our website, New Orleans Art Exchange. We sell a wide variety of art by New Orleans artists and with a New Orleans theme, from yesterday and today. 


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