Where to Find New Orleans Art Online

Because many people who love New Orleans don’t live in the city, they often search for where they can find New Orleans art online. And that can be a bit tricky.

It’s easy enough to find the “touristy” sort of art – just look on eBay or search on Google and it pops up everywhere. So if you want a jazz-themed poster or a big, tacky gold fleur de lis painting, you’re in luck.

But what if you want really FINE New Orleans art? That’s where things get a bit tricky.

Searching for the “good” stuff online

Most of New Orleans’ good art galleries do have an online presence. And most of these keep their inventory relatively up-to-date online. That’s the good news

The trouble is that many people looking for New Orleans art online are seeking antique or traditional New Orleans art. This is also known as art in the “secondary market” – or “second-hand” art to use a more prosaic term. This means only that the art was created relatively long ago, and that it has usually been owned by one or more people. Of course, every Rembrandt, Picasso and even Basquiat or Warhol is also “used” art – it doesn’t alter the value a bit.

So where do you find the traditional art of New Orleans – names like George Dureau, Colette and Knut Heldner, Ida Kohlmeyer and Robert Rucker?

Art galleries along Royal Street in New Orleans

Some antique stores along Royal and Chartres streets do sell antique New Orleans paintings, and post them online, but very few. They mostly emphasize furniture and objects. And the antique painting they do have tend to be European (and expensive). But you might take a look.

A fine dealer of traditional New Orleans art named Jean Bragg has now retired, so that great source is no longer around.

New Orleans Art Exchange

But there is one dealer that is completely online, and specializes in traditional New Orleans art. That’s us, New Orleans Art Exchange! If we don’t have something you are looking for, we can nearly always find it for you. And when looking more broadly for worldwide art, check out our sister site, European Art Underground. All of our art is sold with an unconditional buy-back guarantee, so you can feel confident in your purchases!

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