Where to Find New Orleans Art When You’re Not in New Orleans


The traditional way to find New Orleans art is to ramble up Royal Street or Chartres Street, wandering into galleries to peruse art. But not everyone has this luxury. Still, there’s a big market for New Orleans art, and not just in New Orleans. New Orleans is a favorite tourist destination for people all over the world. Many of them like having a piece or two of New Orleans art on their walls to bring back fond memories.

You Can Find Plenty of New Orleans Art Here

Fortunately, you can find great New Orleans art online these days. Sure, it’s nicer to stroll through the French Quarter looking at paintings, but you can see so much more if you’re willing to look online.

But what if you feel you really need to see a piece in person before you know if you want it? Well, it all comes down to a good guarantee. New Orleans Art Exchange, for example, offers a 125% buy back guarantee, so there is no risk at all. That’s even better than the traditional brick and mortar art gallery, which usually will not take a piece back once you have left the building with it.

Plus, an online art gallery can show a lot more art than the walls of a typical brick and mortar gallery can.

Then there’s the problem of finding antique New Orleans art. Most galleries function on a commission basis, with living painters. Antique art, on the other hand, gallerists must usually buy, out of pocket, and hope to sell. So not that many galleries have fine antique New Orleans paintings.

And finally, there’s the matter of price. Brick and mortar galleries, particularly in the French Quarter of New Orleans, have tremendous overhead. Guess where they make that up? In the price of the art! I (Guy Lyman) had my own gallery on famous Magazine Street, and I can tell you that my prices went WAY down after I sold the building and moved everything online.

So if you’re looking at where to find New Orleans art without strolling the streets, consider looking online!

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