Where to Find New Orleans Prints for Sale

A George Dureau print for sale at New Orleans Art Exchange

Many people search online for “New Orleans Prints for Sale.” Whether you will find what you are looking for depends on the TYPE of print you are looking for.

There are two distinct types. One is a print of a New Orleans scene or subject in an unlimited edition, where the producer will print as many as he or she can sell. These typically are fairly easy to find, even on eBay. They are essentially no more valuable than a poster.

Valuable New Orleans prints for sale

But then we come to valuable prints: prints by known artists, in limited editions, signed by hand by the artist. Some of these are more recent artists such as the famous George Rodrigue (painter of the “Blue Dog”). Others are famous New Orleans artists of old, such as Colette and Knut Heldner, Alexander Drysdale and Ida Kohlmeyer.

These are the sorts of prints carried by New Orleans Art Exchange. We really don’t traffic in unlimited edition prints, unsigned, or by relatively unknown artists. There is a place for those, for sure: not everyone can afford more expensive prints, and it is terrific that everyone can have some sort of art on their walls regardless of income.

One caveat about valuable prints: they can be, and are, commonly faked. It’s a whole lot easier than faking paintings. If you have a good reproduction, faking a signature or even an edition number isn’t that big a challenge. So you must watch where you buy valuable prints. Naturally, New Orleans Art Exchange not only guarantees every print sold, but has a no-questions-asked buy-back policy that adds extra protection for the buyer.



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