Where to Find Robert Rucker Paintings For Sale

If you love New Orleans art, you’ve likely looked at one time or another for Robert Rucker paintings for sale (hint: there’s a great source below, at great prices). Robert Rucker (1932-2001) was a prolific artist whose works capture the vivid life of New Orleans’ scenes and citizens.

Childhood and Education

Robert Rucker was born to a distinguished New Orleans steamboat captain. He spent his childhood along the Mississippi River amid scenes of boats and bayous. These inspired his later paintings of New Orleans and the Louisiana countryside. As a teenager Rucker contracted polio. After he recovered, he was given free artistic training at the John McCrady School of Fine Arts.

Paintings of New Orleans

Robert Rucker went on to create thousands of pieces of New Orleans art in the American Impressionist style. His paintings portray the landscapes and people of New Orleans with rich color and an evident love for his hometown. His themes include the steamboat and river scenes among which he grew up, the alleys and corners of the French Quarter, and the live oaks and moss of the bayous.

Purchasing Robert Rucker Paintings for Sale

You can sometimes find Robert Rucker paintings for sale in New Orleans art galleries. However, French Quarter galleries have huge overhead, so you’re unlikely to discover a deal. You may be able to hunt for a cheaper price on an online auction site such as Ebay. But if you don’t know the dealer, you don’t really know what you are getting into.

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